On the Social Work Me Podcast: Child Sexual Abuse, Sexual Offender Treatment & Vicarious Trauma

December 17, 2019
Matt and Julie take a road trip to London, Ontario to interview Dr. Amanda Bell about her experiences working in group homes, child protection and in treating sexual offenders and...

On the Social Work Me Podcast: Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Exercise & Psychotherapy

December 3, 2019
On this episode Julie and Matt interview registered social worker Michele McPherson about Trauma Sensitive Yoga and incorporating exercise, nature and yoga with psychotherapy. Matt describes his favourite counselling location...

Sexual Assault, Harassment & Coercive Control: The Case of Harvey Weinstein

May 13, 2019
Our latest article was published by the New Social Worker Magazine. Follow the link below for the full article: http://www.socialworker.com/feature-articles/practice/sexual-assault-harassment-and-coercive-control-the-case-of-harvey-weinstein/

Trauma Informed Practice: Better Late Than Never

May 13, 2019
I vividly remember my first ‘real’ job in the helping profession. I was 21 years old, fresh out of University and had taken a position as a Child and Youth...

What is Technoference?

May 13, 2019
Learn about ‘Technoference’ in our video above and check out the full study by McDaniel & Coyne HERE Technoference from Southwest Counselling Services on Vimeo.

Life Inspired Article: Strong Body, Strong Mind

May 13, 2019
Our latest article titled ‘Strong Body, Strong Mind’ was featured in Life Inspired Magazines spring edition and you can read it below. Strong Body, Strong Mind Simple Tips for Improving...

Grief Etiquette Article

May 13, 2019
You can read our article about Grief Etiquette featured in the Sarnia Journal below or by clicking on the above picture. Grief Etiquette “I know exactly what you’re going through”...

Spin It Out

May 13, 2019
Check out the Sarnia Journal’s article about our upcoming ‘Spin It Out’ program by clicking on the picture

Sarnia Journal Feature

May 13, 2019
Check out our article written by Cathy Dobson in the Sarnia Journal by clicking on the picture. Here is the full story detailing our expanded services and staff. Please join...

My Escape: Contest Time!

April 9, 2018
CONTEST TIME!!!! 🎉 Winter blues, exams, work, parenting, stress… Do you know someone who could really use a healthy escape from the daily grind? Tag a friend, family member, co-worker...