Cultivating Creativity & Mindfulness in Social Work with Jorie Morrow

Cultivating Creativity & Mindfulness in Social Work with Jorie Morrow

Episode 25 dives into the crossover between creativity, mindfulness and social work. We are joined by Jorie Morrow who is a registered social worker, psychotherapist, certified mindfulness meditation coach/facilitator and professional actor, playwright and producer from Toronto, Ontario.

On this episode we cover:

  • Working in community mental health setting + generalized practice
  • Open Access counselling
  • Intersection of creativity and social work
  • How to achieve higher levels of creativity
  • Mindfulness and the benefits to our work with clients and clinicians
  • Types of clients that may not benefit immediately from mindfulness
  • Intersection of acting and social work
  • Integrating social work experiences in artistic ways (Gayley Road Productions, Out At School, SNAP!)
  • Using expressive forms of therapy
  • Tips and wisdom for new social workers, therapists, mental health practitioners
  • Improv techniques that can be translated into social work
  • Therapeutic benefits of expressive arts
  • Tips for managing and preventing burnout and vicarious trauma

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