The Internal Critic: Friend or Foe?

The Internal Critic: Friend or Foe?

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An Excerpt from “The Internal Critic: Friend or Foe?”

Harsh, hurtful, degrading and depleting are just a few ways to describe the all-too-powerful words of our internal critic. We all have a critic, but the ferocity and loudness varies. As an EMDR and EFT-oriented psychotherapist, I am privileged to have a front and center view of just how universal and common the internal critic can be and the opportunity to confront that voice with my clients.

“You’re so stupid, incompetent and useless.”
“Why would you do that? You can’t do anything right.”
“That was a huge failure, you should have walked away.”
“You’re so ugly and fat.”
“You’re just not good enough.”

Not surprisingly, my most compassionate and caring clients will say these things, never to others, but often to themselves. To put it simply…



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