Getting Outside: Progressive Approaches to Dementia Care w/ Rebekah Churchyard

Getting Outside: Progressive Approaches to Dementia Care w/ Rebekah Churchyard

On Episode 37 of the Social Work Me Podcast, host Rachael Fowler explores the remarkable impact of therapeutic gardening for individuals with dementia alongside guest Rebekah Churchyard, MSW, RSW, PMP.  Join us as we delve into Green Care Farms Inc.‘s mission to foster purpose, belonging, and vitality through sustainable, organic practices. Our guest, Rebekah Churchyard, shares her journey spearheading this initiative, which is driven by her extensive experience in social work and geriatric services. Rebekah’s commitment to bringing Green Care Farms to every community in Canada reflects her passion for enhancing the well-being of individuals living with dementia.

After spending more than 10 years in healthcare, policy, and social work, Rebekah’s personal journey led her to realize the need for more creative solutions for older adults navigating cognitive decline outside of the public sector. This realization gave birth to Green Care Farms Inc. in Milton, Ontario, a social enterprise supporting community connection for people with dementia and their caregivers, providing a day program for people with dementia on a farm.

Rebekah Churchyard holds a Master of Social Work in Gerontology and works in Specialized Geriatric Services. As a Project Management Professional (PMP) and Psychotherapist, Rebekah combines her expertise to advocate for the well-being of older adults everywhere! Rebekah’s history of leadership, including her role as Vice President of the Toronto Council on Aging Board of Directors and her role as an Accountability Table member with the City of Toronto’s Seniors Strategy, reflects her dedication to improving care for older adults and community services.

Join us in our exploration of resilience and innovation in healthcare and wellness. Discover how the therapeutic gardening program at Green Care Farms Inc. is not just reshaping, but blooming the landscape of dementia care in Canada, providing a vibrant and nurturing environment for individuals with dementia.

On this episode we discuss:

  • Progressive models and approaches for dementia care
  • Rebekah’s journey in creating Green Care Farms Inc.
  • Respite, programming and opportunities for caregivers and people with dementia
  • Innovative healthcare practices
  • Social Work & Gerontology
  • Bridging nature, gardening, horticulture & outdoor spaces into Social Work practices
  • Community based initiatives and the importance of volunteering
  • Tips for new social workers

Check out Green Care Farms in Milton, Ontario website HERE and follow on Instagram  for updates on events and how to get involved.

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