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On the Social Work Me Podcast: Divorce, Custody/Access & Parental Alienation in Family Law

January 8, 2020
On Episode 3 Julie & Matt interview Family Lawyer and Mediator- Amanda Gaw from Sarnia, Ontario. In this episode Amanda helps us to explore topics surrounding divorce, separation, custody/access and...

On the Social Work Me Podcast: Child Sexual Abuse, Sexual Offender Treatment & Vicarious Trauma

December 17, 2019
Matt and Julie take a road trip to London, Ontario to interview Dr. Amanda Bell about her experiences working in group homes, child protection and in treating sexual offenders and...

On the Social Work Me Podcast: Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Exercise & Psychotherapy

December 3, 2019
On this episode Julie and Matt interview registered social worker Michele McPherson about Trauma Sensitive Yoga and incorporating exercise, nature and yoga with psychotherapy. Matt describes his favourite counselling location...